British Conservative Cameron wants resignation of Labourite Corbyn

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David Cameron's head, cartoonFrom British daily The Independent today:

David Cameron tells Jeremy Corbyn to resign as Labour leader ‘for heaven’s sake’

Many religious (and not so religious) people will say that Cameron should have left Heaven out of his party politics.

What is new about this? Not much really.

Any Conservative Prime Minister would always like it if the Labour opposition leader would go away, and the Labour party would be in trouble.

More yet … Cameron is not any Conservative Prime Minister. He has announced his resignation and is now politically a walking dead man.

His Conservative party is in chaos, while in its smoke-filled backrooms there is fighting about who will be the next Tory leader.

It is understandable that David Cameron would like Labour to be in the same chaos as his own party, after the European Union membership referendum which he lost, in spite of, or…

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