British Conservative leadership chaos

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Michael Gove cartoon

This is a Michael Gove cartoon, by Gary Barker from Britain.

By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

Tweedle Dumb, Dee, Don’t? What does it matter, they’re all a bunch of malicious blowhards

Friday 1st July 2016

YESTERDAY it became more and more apparent that the fight for the position of new Tory leader was beginning to resemble a bastard hybrid between the Game of Thrones and Blackadder after Theresa May, and at the 11th hour, Michael Gove all tossed their hats into the ring.

In typically bumbling fashion, having telegraphed his intention to stand, Johnson then announced he would not be standing after all, making one wonder exactly what the last few years of his existence have in fact been about.

Maybe Thucydides had nothing pithy to say about massive malfeasance and blatantly bigoted campaigning …Still technically in the running however is IDS’s God-bothering replacement as Work and…

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