Restore Council Tax Benefit!

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

It’s that time again.

When we have to pay Council Tax.

Even at the reduced rate it’s another burden, and our benefits were effectively cut when they decided we had to make this payment.

Apparently it’s about making us ‘responsible’: that is chipping into our meagre fortnightly payment to fork out another sum of money.

This is how the news was presented  in 2013,

Another benefits bombshell could be on the way for some of the poorest in society.

Just as they adjust to the idea that their benefits will rise below inflation for the next three years, some now also face paying council tax for the first time.

The government is scrapping the national council tax benefit scheme from April.

Instead local authorities will have to draw up their own methods of supporting people on benefits and low incomes.


This was an analysis (The impact of localising…

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