Are you a Trotskyist? Take this short quiz and find out:

Pride's Purge

russian hat quiz

Worried you might be a Trotskyist Bolshevik without knowing it?

Worry no more! Take this quiz and find out:


1. Your daughter comes home with bad grades at school. What do you do?

A. Pay for extra-curricular lessons in her weakest subjects.

B. Promise to reward her if her grades improve.

C. Photoshop her image out of every family photograph in your collection.

2.The back garden needs mowing. Do you …

A. Do it yourself.

B. Get one of the kids to do it.

C. Form a family planning committee to put into place a 5 year plan leading to the collectivisation of the labour and a glorious 240% increase in grass cutting output. On pain of death.

3. You are elected onto the Parent Teachers Association at your children’s primary school. What do you do at the first meeting?

A. Make several suggestions about how to improve the workings of the school.

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