Australia’s decision to back away from trade deal shows why the UK NEEDS our nuclear deterrent

Pride's Purge

It’s dog-eat-dog in the brutal post-Brexit world outside fortress Europe. Britain needs to feel it is able to stand up for itself – alone, proud and strong.

And naive lefty pacifists will happily leave us DEFENCELESS against threats from other countries.

As an example , Australia has just put two fingers up to our attempts to quickly negotiate a post-Brexit trade deal.

This comes just days after threats from Japan regarding UK access to the single market.

It’s exactly situations like this that show the naivety and danger from anti-nuclear campaigners.

If anti-Trident campaigners leave the UK DEFENCELESS by taking away our nuclear deterrent, they will have to answer this crucial question: what will they do during international trade deal negotiations if the UK no longer has its nuclear deterrent to fall back on as a last resort?

Australia may now be feeling pretty good with itself putting its former colonial power back in its…

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