How NEC gerrymander-powergrab happened – and what to do about it


Corbyn’s speech to close Labour’s 2016 annual conference showed his exceptional, statesmanlike qualities and stood in stark contrast to deputy leader Tom Watson’s nauseating performance. In his shadow, the chicken-coup mediocrities talked of unity and, ludicrously, the lessons Corbyn needed to learn from his resounding victory.

However, Tuesday this week laid bare the real intentions of the Labour hard-right.

It witnessed one of the most shameful episodes in the recent history of the Labour party, as the still-twitching corpse of defeated right-wing NEC members, with the collusion of the party establishment, moved like Frankenstein’s monster to undemocratically seize control of the levers of bureaucratic power that they had emphatically lost democratically.

Sounds melodramatic? No, it’s not dramatic enough – although the processes that were exploited look dry and dusty to those who don’t understand what was going on. So some clarification of how they’ve done it and why it matters…

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