Theresa May launches patriotism campaign – by awarding Trident steel to French


may patriot.jpg

In a debacle that would seem too unlikely for even political satire The Thick of It, on Tuesday Theresa May launched the Tories’ ‘patriotism’ campaign on the same day it was announced that the contract for the production of steel for the controversial Trident missile and submarine renewal programme was awarded.

To the French.

At a time when the UK’s steel industry is on its knees, with thousands of jobs lost while the Tories twiddled their thumbs and many more still under severe threat. She might as well have aimed one of those missiles at the heart of one of the UK’s most strategic industries.

The ultimate phallic symbol of right-wingers of every rosette colour, Trident represents a colossal waste of money to most of us. But those who support its renewal grate on about security – as if the many countries with no nuclear ‘deterrent’ are in constant…

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