Universal Credit Benefits Fiasco 9

Benefit tales

Claiming UC has ruined my health, put me into debt and resulted in making me homeless. That’s WITH a job!

People are closing their Universal Credit saying it has brought them to hunger, deby and homelessness – despite their being in a job. This is a conversation from my Facebook feed a few days ago:

L***** I’m done. Claim closed!!

J*****  Because U have a job or because you’ve had enough? Xxx

L***** Because I’ve had enough xx

H***** I had enough too. Couldn’t take the bullying and constant nit picking and rule changes any more!

J***** Totally wrong!!!! So what are u made to live on now? Xx

L*****They gave me £133.00 to live on this month xx

J***** Jesus Christ! Wow I bet that went a long way! So what’s next for u? Xx

L***** Utter disgrace they expect you to live on this this government are sick…

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