Labour hard-right ‘comeback-blueprint’ shows their delusion – and the Left’s way forward


Luke Akehurst, national secretary of ‘Labour First’, the hard-right entryists desperate to drag the party back to Blairism, today published an article on the LabourList website titled “As centrists we must find the people and policies to inspire – and reject the politics of electoral suicide“. I won’t link to it, as Akehurst would love the clicks, but if you really want to read it for yourself you can soon find it.

The article is remarkable for 3 things: it shows Akehurst’s tenuous (at best) relationship with facts, puts beyond doubt the delusional quality permeating the thinking of the quasi-Tory wing of the Labour party – and maps out clearly the steps that those who support Jeremy Corbyn and the new vision and politics he exemplifies need to take in order to ensure both that the right-wingers do not succeed in pulling the party back into the ‘more of the…

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