Twitter? Nope. Website? Nope. Where ARE Corbyn’s 10 pledges on Labour media?


If you’ve never heard of Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘Ten Pledges’, you could be forgiven – but they’re at the heart of Labour’s electoral chances.

Unlike the usual political double-speak, they are clear, concise and written in ordinary, everyday English:


What’s more, they genuinely speak to the core concerns of the vast majority of the UK’s people. Communicating them, clearly and effectively, to the population-at-large would have a massive impact on the credibility of Labour as a party of government, while at the same time harnessing the undisputed desire of British people for something different, distinctive and authentic as an antidote to the message-managed, slick, insincere ‘more of the same’ politics we’ve grown used to – and sick of.

The ten pledges, unlike the notorious and ill-conceived ‘Ed Stone’ unveiled by Miliband’s Labour during the 2015 election campaign, are conspicuously down to earth, grounded and real.

They’re also conspicuous by their complete absence from Labour’s…

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