Dear Angela Eagle’s comms chief – never ask a question you don’t want answered


Interesting and very revealing passage on Twitter over the past day or so. After a TUC-arranged meeting in Wallasey on Tuesday evening about the continuing suspension of the local CLP (constituency Labour party), a Twitter user posted a rebuke to Wallasey MP Angela Eagle:


The commenter has a strong point. Labour rules require criminal abuse such as homophobia to be reported to police, but while Ms Eagle has proven more than willing to promote the accusation to the media, almost half a year later Merseyside police have received no complaint.

Of course, spouting to the media doesn’t carry the risk of criminal sanction in the same way that an accusation to the police would, should the allegations be shown to be false.

One Imran ‘Imi’ Ahmed, who was Ms Eagle’s communications chief during her short-lived and ill-fated bid for the Labour leadership, decided it was a good idea to jump…

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