Visibly drunk Michael Fallon forcibly separated from attractive Russian spy by minder

Pride's Purge

In 2013, our Defence Secretary Michael Fallon – who witnesses say was visibly drunk – had to be forcibly separated from an attractive woman by a government minder at a posh party.

The woman turned out to be a Russian spy – who had been paid to work as a honey-trap by a Russian energy company with close ties to Putin.

This is of course our Defence Secretary – the man supposedly in control of the entire defence of our nation including our nuclear deterrent.

MI5 were probably not very relieved that the incident happened at a party where there happened to be minders – because I would imagine a British Defence Secretary who gets so drunk he can be taken in by obvious Russian spies can’t be ‘minded’ by James Bond and co day and night.

Mind you, Fallon has a dishonourable history of ‘tackling’ women at parties while drunk.

As an example – at another…

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