Why Throw Sympathy Out Of Windows When Disabled People Act ‘Normal?’

Same Difference

Earlier this week, I was outraged to hear about the recent experience of Anne Wafula Strike MBE. This talented, respected, retired Paralympian and disability rights campaigner very bravely  went public to describe the time she was forced to wet herself during a three hour journey on a train which lacked an accessible toilet.

As a follow-up to Ms Wafula Strike’s story, the Guardian carried a piece by respected disability rights campaigner Penny Pepper, in which she described her own experiences with train toilets.

The most recent collection of Guardian letters includes a short response, from a reader, to Penny Pepper’s piece. It is this response that has outraged me now. The response was, and I quote:

 Reading Penny Pepper’s article on being able to get access to disabled toilets (Opinion, 4 January) left me sympathetic and moved until I got to the part where she admitted that she…

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