Compare media’s #NHS-collapse silence with made-up Mid Staffs feeding-frenzy


The SKWAWKBOX started in 2012 as a response to the constant misinformation put out by the (then-coalition) government, but the series of articles that brought the blog to public awareness began in Feb 2013 and concerned Stafford hospital and its parent Mid Staffs NHS Foundation Trust.

That was then

The media at that time featured almost daily headlines about a figure of ‘400-1200 needless deaths’ that took place at the hospital – except, as this blog was able to reveal from careful analysis of the evidence and meetings they didn’t.

The government and the media – especially the right-wing press and the BBC, seeking to damage public confidence in the NHS and ultimately to attack it directly, turned an artefact of bad statistics into a headline to bash the NHS and the Labour party’s strength on it:

mail staffs.pngThe truth? A full, independent clinical review of deaths at the hospital revealed 

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