Dear @jeremycorbyn, these MPs supported £18.5k to *UKIP*. Pls kick ’em out



Dear Jeremy,

On 20 June last year, mere days before the referendum result that threw UK politics into turmoil, led to an immediate increase in racist attacks across the country and started a process that threatens the cohesion of the United Kingdom, a limited company called ‘Labour Leave’ made a substantial political donation£18,500 – to UKIP:


Labour Leave is run by a man named John Mills, who has been a major donor to the Labour Party. Mr Mills was also a director of Vote Leave Limited, alongside UKIP’s Suzanne Evans, Tory MP Bernard Jenkin, former Tory Party Treasurer Peter Cruddas and others, so Labour Leave has more than one UKIP connection.

Labour’s 2016 rulebook, section 2, clause 4B states:

autoexcludeThis is known as ‘auto-exclusion’, a penalty that can be applied on various grounds specified in section 2 – and which was spuriously applied to many Labour…

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