#ResignMay – you knew, you were silent, you consented #Muslimban #DumpTrumpsChump


Channel 4 has revealed – as tens of thousands of people protested around the UK this evening  – that Theresa May was told, in advance when she visited the White House, about Donald Trump’s plan to ban Muslim immigrants from entering the US.

resignmay.pngAs C4 political editor Gary Gibbon pointed out, even after the end of May’s US visit and a long transatlantic flight to Turkey, she was trying to avoid answering questions about the ban, which had been announced in the interim.

Mrs May had to be asked three times and even when she eventually answered, she failed to have an opinion on it one way or the other. She then went on to whitewash Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s despotic round-up of political opponents, which cost hundreds of lives and put tens of thousands in prison, as a

defence of democracy

Like the worst kind of enabler, she is…

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