Guardian ‘reveals’ #UKIPfraud – 1 month after the SKWAWKBOX #Nuttall #Farage


I’m quite proud that this blog has broken a series of exclusives over the years – from debunking the Tories’ fake news (long before that phrase was ever coined) claiming ‘400-1200 unnecessary deaths’ at Mid Staffs, to the government forcing benefit claimants to take bogus psychometric tests that gave the same results no matter which answers a respondent gave (and then lying about it) – to the revelation late last year that Nigel Farage was under investigation for allegedly making a bogus application for German citizenship the day after the referendum and appeared to have used his wife’s old school address on it.

And others. Many of them, lately, concerning UKIP.

As a result, ‘fake news’ allegations have routinely been laid against the SKWAWKBOX since the phrase became current, sometimes by people who can’t read – or be bothered to think about what they read – and sometimes by people…

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