#Nuttall faces jail for fake #Stoke #emptyhousegate – now trying to bluff?


On Thursday, it was confirmed that UKIP leader Paul Nuttall was under police investigation for declaring a false address on his candidacy paperwork for the Stoke Central by-election. Mr Nuttall has been advised to discontinue his bid to win the seat because of the ‘uncertainty’ hanging over him.

Let’s be clear, that ‘uncertainty’ is the potential for jail time. Last August, Tory councillor Richard Smalley was jailed for two months for declaring a false address in a Derby council by-election:

smalley.pngPronouncing sentence, the judge told Mr Smalley,

judge.pngTwo months jail-time for declaring a false address in a council election – so what does Mr Nuttall deserve for, as he has now admitted, doing the same in an attempt to gain a parliamentary seat?

Under the Representation of the People Act 1983, the maximum penalty for knowingly providing false information on a nomination paper is 51 weeks in jail

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