If a Tory claims Thatcher/May mean Tories the pro-women party, show them this


You’ll often hear Tories trying to lay claim to being the ‘real party for women’ on the basis that they’ve had two women leaders – and the media/right-wing Labour MPs making ridiculous criticisms at Jeremy Corbyn, such as the ‘no women in the great offices of state’ nonsense to try to tarnish the fact he’d just appointed the first-ever majority female front bench.

A picture paints a thousand words – and a couple of pictures from today’s phase of the Brexit debate spoke volumes.

Here’s Theresa May droning on in her statement – but look behind her:

tory men.jpgSpot any other women? Actually, there is one – or part of one – in the top right corner.

Now here’s Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn making his response:

lab women.jpgSpot the man? He’s only partially visible, in the upper right corner.

And, in fact, this picture only tells part of the story. Great female MPs…

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