@paulnuttallukip – did you invent these 3 ‘assistants’ you charge #EU for? #StokeCentral


Paul Nuttall still appears to be AWOL after the humiliating chain of events, started by the SKWAWKBOX’s analysis of video of his Hillsborough comments to the BBC, that have led to him confessing to some false statements and trying (and failing) to blame others for them.

UKIP also appears to be in a panic over the imminent release of the OLAF European anti-fraud unit’s report into allegations that the party’s MEPs defrauded €20 million from the EU and is involved in the creation and distribution of child pornography. Again, this was a SKWAWKBOX exclusive – another one that the mainstream media in the UK and abroad eventually caught onto and ‘revealed’.

At the same time, ex-leader Nigel Farage, the party’s only MP Douglas Carswell and Nuttall himself have inadvertently given away information that appears to point to exactly the same kind of fraud that OLAF has been investigating – and…

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