UKIP tries to fight back in Stoke. It’s both pitiful and typical


So, there’s supposedly an outcry now in Stoke about ‘undue spiritual influence’ after an anonymous text was sent to some Muslim voters in Stoke Central saying they’d go to hell if they didn’t vote Labour.

Yeah, right.

In spite of everyone – even the Scum ‘newspaper’ acknowledging that the texts were anonymous – the blame has been pinned by right-wingers on a local Labour-supporting Muslim, Navid Hussain.

Because he wrote a political and entirely non-religious Facebook post saying people would be helping UKIP win if they voted LibDem:

hussain.pngOf course, it would be completely out of character for UKIP to seek advantage by spuriously blaming someone with a brown face, wouldn’t it?

Not insignificantly, the person who appears to have ‘reported’ the text ‘happens’ to be a Muslim who supports UKIP – who would also, therefore, ‘happen’ to know enough to add a few words of pious-sounding Arabic to a…

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