Today’s demo. G4S bully boys and Storm Doris both making an appearance. Food parcels taken in less than 10 minutes. 

The poor side of life

I’ll start today’s blog by describing the weather, because it certainly just about sums things up. Windy, raining and hostile. Certainly not favourable for holding our weekly demo. But still we soilder on. People need our support, it’s as simple as that.

I arrived at 10am, completely resigned to having to be on my own. Weather warnings had already gone out, and I certainly didn’t want anyone to put themselves at risk. I wouldn’t expect it.

As soon as I arrived the queue for the food parcels started. No one really wanted to be hanging around in this storm, especially the people needing them. I had to ask them to hang on a mo for them to arrive.

It wasn’t long before Gordon arrived with them, by then a few people had gathered and most were handed out straightaway. All people desperate for some food. It makes me so angry…

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