The unholy cult of Milton Friedman and the destruction of Britain

Fear and loathing in Great Britain


In her book, The Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein names the holy trinity of neoliberalism and Friedman economics – The elimination of the public sphere, total liberation for corporations and skeletal social spending.

Everything that has happened in Britain since the bankers crashed the global economy in 2008 comes down to those three fundamental principles which sum up Tory policies in a nutshell.

From 2010 every food bank parcel dished out to people who lack even the basics of survival, every death and suicide from sanctions and benefit denial, every family and individual tossed out of their home onto the streets, every loss of care and support for disabled people and the elderly, the manufactured crisis that is destroying our NHS, the curse of the bedroom tax, the housing crisis, the fracking nightmare, the cuts to frontline services and pay caps which sees NHS staff pay down 14% in real terms…

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