Time to come clean about health spending

Flip Chart Fairy Tales

I was out of the country when the Office for Budget Responsibility published its Fiscal Sustainability Report, so I have a vaguely plausible excuse for missing it. That said, it sounds like it didn’t attract much comment. As you might expect, the FT and a couple of others covered it but, as Michael says, there wasn’t the usual hullabaloo. Which is surprising because its long-term forecast of public debt was worse than the one in the last report eighteen months ago. A lot worse.


Chart by Michael O’Connor

The reaction to this, or lack of it, is a sign of how far politics has shifted in the past couple of years. A few years ago, The Debt was the biggest story around but Brexit has eclipsed it and with the OBR’s report being released on the same day as Theresa May’s speech it was never going to get much of a look…

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