Read this to see whether YOU’ve been #hammeredbyHammond #Budget2017


Multimillionaire Chancellor Philip Hammond today announced his budget measures that contain huge incentives for business and huge penalties for ordinary people, as he wilfully continues the Tories failed austerity strategy of trying (not really, it’s just an excuse) to balance the books on the backs of those who can least afford it.

hammered by hammond.pngAs Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn pointed out, the budget contained none of the measures that would stimulate real growth. Instead, Hammond settled for crowing about how well the Tories are doing when in fact they’ve more than doubled the debt and created a low-wage, low-growth, low-hope economy for all but the richest.

If you’re not one of those lucky few, the odds are that you’ve been #hammeredbyHammond. See below for just some of the ways the budget is likely to have affected you:

Workers’ benefits – 900,000 people #hammeredbyHammond

The Tories love the ‘striver v skiver’ rhetoric implicit…

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