@Tom_Watson: will you publish what you’ve spent Moseley’s £500k on?


The word among Labour activists is that there has been a sudden, massive upturn in the number of bots and fake accounts swamping pro-Corbyn threads on social media – often along the lines of ‘I used to support Corbyn but…‘ – ever since Max Moseley’s latest couple of hundred grand donation last month to deputy Labour leader and ‘Project Anaconda’ architect Tom Watson.

watson qmark.pngThat brings Moseley’s donations to Watson to a tidy £500,000 so far. And fake accounts, with the people/technology to fuel them, cost money.

Of course, correlation is not causation. The two things definitely correlate, but they might be completely unconnected. But this blog would like to invite Tom Watson to publish a complete account of his and his team’s spending since receiving those donations, so we can all see how he has spent/is spending Moseley’s money.

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear, Tom – so…

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