Rubbishing McCluskey’s #BBCQT s ‘Labour neck/neck pre-coup’? See this.


Len McCluskey – clearly the only real Labour representative on BBC Question Time tonight – attacked Labour’s right-wing plotters and placed the blame for Labour’s current polling squarely on their shoulders.

mccluskeyTypically, the right-wing panel – including nominally Labour Lisa Nandy – rubbished the claim, as have some on social media. They’ll find this table – by Tory-owned polling company YouGov – a bit inconvenient:

vote intentionThe table clearly shows that in three consecutive Yougov polls leading up to the notorious ‘chicken coup‘ that kicked off in the aftermath of the EU referendum, Labour was ahead of the Tories – and YouGov are no friend to the Labour Party.

It also makes unmissably clear when Labour’s polling downturn began – Labour’s July numbers tumbled, and the Tories’ rose, to around current levels immediately after the blairite resignations and the start of their nonsensical and doomed leadership challenge.

If Corbyn’s…

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