ESA Form Now Asks If Claimants Have Been In Prison

Same Difference

A fellow disability rights campaigner, who our editor highly respects, is currently supporting a claimant to fill out an ESA form.

She recently informed her Facebook contacts that one of the questions on this form asks whether claimants have been in prison in the last six months.

Same Difference is more than a little shocked by this question. We can’t understand how it is relevant. Since you can’t claim either JSA or ESA while on remand or, we assume, in prison, surely anyone making a claim for ESA would have to have been released before making the claim.

Also we feel that the six month time limit is a bit long. Maybe two weeks or even one month would be a sensible time period, but six months? So does being in prison six months ago make a person less disabled? Or are people supposed to go without benefits for six…

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