Corbyn’s launch blew May out of the water – and pwned the media. Kindly


pwnJeremy Corbyn’s campaign launch this morning was eagerly awaited by some, with trepidation by others – and it’s without question that some in the media will have been preparing what they thought were their most damaging and tricky questions for the Q&A to follow his speech.

Those in trepidation needn’t have worried – unless they were Tories and their allies. Corbyn was in his element and Theresa May’s ill-advised and fear-driven decision to call a General Election has forced the media to actually let Corbyn speak and to let his message out past their usual filters to a far higher degree than they would usually allow.

And every time he speaks or even just appears, it becomes clearer why May daren’t debate him – and what she saw this morning will have her terrified, in spite of the best efforts of Establishment commentators to pour water on it afterward.

may chicken 1.jpgImage…

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