Corbyn’s ‘mic drop’ moment – even ITV News gets on board (video)


jc mic dropCould some of the mainstream media already be waking up to the energy and strong start of Corbyn’s campaign? Certainly it’s in such stark contrast to the dry, dull-as-ditchwater Theresa May and her stage-managed launch that it must be causing tremors.

Corbyn handled the worst the media tried to throw at him this morning with aplomb – and even ITV News, hardly a hotbed of pro-Corbyn news since his election as Labour leader, got on board and spread the word:

If you’re already getting the sense that all is not going to go according to the media/Tory he’s-got-no-chance narrative, you’re not alone. Even election pundit John Curtice said yesterday that the best Theresa May might get is what she has now while the…

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