@theresa_may’s ‘right-hand man’ to Cooper in HoC: “shut up bitch” #GE2017


mundell bitchIn the House of Commons yesterday, as Jeremy Corbyn once again made mincemeat of Theresa May and the Labour benches united vociferously behind their leader, temperatures rose on the Tory side of the House. As will happen when things reach boiling point, impurities rise to the surface.

Especially in the case of Tory front-bencher – and, on Wednesday, literally Theresa May’s right-hand man – David Mundell, who can clearly be seen shouting across the Chamber to Labour back-bencher Yvette Cooper, “Shut up bitch“:

The Speaker of the House did not intervene – in the noise he couldn’t have heard it. But Theresa May could not have failed to hear it, but so far no action appears to have been taken against Mundell for his…

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