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17992309_1302068139828559_7295604745407481410_nI have just been given an award for Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP). Not sure how much I will get towards my rent as the award notice doesn’t make much sense, but I got it after sending in my medical evidence recently. 

It means I get to keep a roof over my head for a bit longer, anyway. It’s very very difficult to get DHP now, as it has been madehighly conditional, partly because councils are so strapped for cash due to Conservative cuts, partly because Conservative policies, such as the bedroom tax and other “reforms”, have increased the need for this support.

My own council informed me that already there were little funds left for DHP. I applied because since becoming too ill to work, my income has dwindled to the point where I now short by more than £100 per month to pay for my rent…

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