Journalist ARRESTED for covering controversial demonstration in Tory marginal

Pride's Purge

There has been widespread international outrage after a journalist was arrested in the US for simply asking a question to one of Donald Trump’s cabinet members.

By contrast, when a UK photo-journalist is arrested here in Britain and is due in court for covering an anti-fracking demonstration – the compliant UK press is completely silent.

Photo-journalist Peter Yankowski-Walker is due in court on May 15th after attempting to cover a demonstration in Bolton against a fracking company (full information below).

Fracking is a controversial subject in Bolton as the local Tory MP Chris Green is defending an extremely narrow majority of just 801 against strong local feeling against fracking.

Could this be an attempt to intimidate local press from covering a subject which could damage a local MP in a Tory marginal – not to mention a government which supports fracking – during the election campaign?

Or are we in Britain…

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