Sanctioned for missing an appointment when the Jobcentre was shut. today’s demo.

The poor side of life

I was thankful this morning of having sunshine, yes sunshine for a change and warmer temperatures. It cant be underestimated how much better a day of sunshine can actually make to a person. I just wish that every day could have these temperatures etc for the rough sleepers that I know and for the ones that I don’t. I am thinking of you.

I started my day by buying breakfast for a homeless bloke that I know. Lovely fella and its always nice to say hello to him. I then had a quick cuppa and headed off to the Jobcentre with Roy, a member of the team. I’ve mentioned him before.

As we arrived, the food parcels did. Gordon was dead on time and it was a pleasant surprise because it prevented a queue forming.

We handed a food parcel to a chap who is struggling, but has asked to…

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