About that Tory plant on Question Time

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by Martin Odoni

In case you missed it, there was a disturbing moment at the start of BBC Question Time on Thursday 11th May. The recently-elected Conservative councillor for Clydesdale, Eric Holford, was allowed to sit in the audience and was even selected, very suspiciously, to ask the first question of the night, using it to express paranoid, scare-mongering noises about a putative Labour Government. An actual elected member of any of the parties being allowed to sit in the audience on Question Time undermines the whole point of the programme, and seriously jeopardises any integrity it has (which is not very much these days).

I have submitted a complaint to the BBC about the incident. I realise it will prove futile, but if nothing else, I want to force someone there to do some work, and I recommend others push for the same. Readers can access the BBC online…

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