Tories so rattled by #Labourmanifesto, go into #fakenews overdrive #GE17


Yet again the Tories, rather than sitting pretty on supposedly solid polling leads, are showing signs of worry verging on panic. Today’s officiallaunch of Labour’s manifesto – fully costed and bolder than any political offering in the UK in a lifetime – has had them scrambling for their fake-news generator in a bid to sneer at the Labour document that, frankly, smells desperate.

con fake news grinder.pngThe Conservatives have already sunk to outright fake news on more than one occasion in this General Election campaign – but today they seemed to be suffering Breitbart-diarrhoea, with one after another fact-free tweet emerging from CCHQ in a flailing attempt to counter the ‘buzz’ around the Labour policy package, which is receiving far higher levels of attention than would normally be expected.

Even the BBC’s Norman Smith, not known for talking up Labour’s plans or prospects, called it,

the most radical Labour manifesto we…

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