Corbyn speech has #MSM knickers twisted. He hasn’t even given it yet #GE17


Tomorrow, Jeremy Corbyn will give a speech that will mark the resumption of national campaigning in the General Election. It is reproduced in detail below.

But first, let’s look at the media reaction it has already engendered – because it has the mainstream media’s (MSM) knickers in an absolute twist long before the words have exited his lips.

The pre-released speech was ’embargoed’ until 10pm on Thursday night, meaning news outlets (including this blog) had it but couldn’t release it before then – this is standard practice on some press releases.

The Sun was trailing a major attack on Corbyn to be ‘revealed’ at 10pm, clearly driven by the embargo. But when it was published, it was a feeble attempt to smear him based on his record of resisting government attempts to limit our freedoms via bad anti-terror legislation, with a brief mention of his speech tomorrow at the end.

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