UK now the worst-performing advanced economy in the world after post-Brexit vote slump | The Independent

Britain Isn't Eating

Remember the Tories mantra of


and their other one called


Also remember National Debt when Labour left Government in 2010 was £880 Billion, due in part to bailing out the UK banks after the 2008 Financial Global Crash.

Yet even after 7 years of Tory austerity where they cut billions from local services, council budgets, Police, Fire & other emergency services, and despite selling off UK assets such as Royal Mail and other government services, they have more than DOUBLED the National Debt to over £1.7 TRILLION! And it’s forecast to push to the £2 Trillion by 2020. What an achievement that will be for the CONservatives after 10 years of leading our country!

And they still have the temerity to accuse Labour of crashing the economy.

Wake up and Vote for Labour next Thursday 8th June.

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