Military veterans say #VoteCorbyn #VoteLabour #GE17


There have been some disgraceful attacks on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn today by billionaire-owned media – desperate Canute-like attempts to stem what they must fear is a tsunami of support for their nemesis.

Those attacks attempt to paint Corbyn and his team as a threat to this country.

Those attacks are by people who have never been near the smell of cordite or the awful reality of war.

Those who have, those who know – they tell a different story. One that the nation needs to hear:

The people in the pay and pockets of the billionaires smear Corbyn as a threat to our security. Those who’ve been there – who’ve lost friends and limbs and sight and peace in real combat on foreign fields – they know.

Jeremy Corbyn’s strength and statesmanship, sanity and foresight – his and Labour’s policy and worldview – are our best hope…

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