Video: hardcore Tory pundit: “May’s got nothing. It’s on a knife-edge” #GE17


Robin Oakley is about as Tory as they come – assistant editor of the Express, then the Daily Mail and a 22-year columnist for The Spectator.

So when he sticks a fork in Theresa May, you know she’s done.

Oakley is now a commentator for CNN and was interviewed today on the state of the General Election campaign on the final day before votes are cast. His words will be the stuff of Theresa May’s worst nightmares:

While he acknowledges Corbyn’s consistency, authenticity and performance, his comments about May are scathing:

totally robotic

nothing positive to offer

refused to debate

never answers a question

When the comments from a pro-Tory commentator are this bad, it’s curtains for May.

And when the right-wing rags are dedicating thirteen pages to smears against Corbyn, as the Daily Mail did this morning, you know the billionaires and the Establishmnt are seriously worried about…

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