After 20 Years of Neo Liberal Mayhem and a Global Crash, the biggest Damage Control Job Since 1945 Starts Tomorrow

Wirral In It Together

blair brown cameron mayIt’s time to get rid of the suits

8th June 2017

In a screeching departure from the politicallyneutral rantings of Wirral In It Together, today we’re calling for all our readers, young and old, to use their votes to put an end to the last 20 years of neo liberal puppet governments – the corporate apologists – pretending to be people-centred, but put up to act in the interests of corporations.

Today’s Tories are funded and backed by 5 Tory tax avoiding media billionaires.  The last 20 years of ‘political options’ have been foisted upon us…  to provide ‘choice’.

That’s finally come to an end and one thing is for sure, Jeremy Corbyn’s record indicates that he is indeed ‘on the right side of history’.  And although he originates from a background of ‘acceptable’  Social Democracy, he is supremely electable.

Which is why we’ve constantly been told the opposite.

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