What May’s desperation is pushing us back to. She cares not #DUP #Drumcree


quinn lads.pngJason, Mark and Richard Quinn – and their funeral

The Times reports that the DUP, emboldened by the clear desperation and lack of options of a weak and flailing Tory party, is pushing for the full slate of demands it prepared for a possible coalition agreement before the 2015 election. Several DUP MPs are also said to be queasy about the public backlash against them in Britain and party leader Arlene Foster wants to sweeten the pot to convince doubters.

But so weak is the Tories’ position that the DUP is understood to be pushing for even more – and the Orange Order has already demanded that DUP leader Arlene Foster include the resumption of its infamous ‘Drumcree march‘ in the requirements of any agreement with Theresa May:

drumcreeBut memories – at least outside Northern Ireland – are short. Many of us will not remember what happened less…

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