Watch. Share. Why May wants #Grenfell inquiry. Call for #InquestNotInquiry


Theresa May has announced a ‘full, public, judge-led inquiry’ into the terrible events of the Grenfell Tower tragedy = and this has generally been welcomed.

But in the expert opinion of Sophie Khan, the lawyer for the victims of the 2009 Lakanal House fire that killed six people – who, as in Grenfell Tower, had been told to remain in their flats – a public inquiry is the worst way forward and amounts to the government ‘hiding in plain sight’ the real roots and responsibilities of the tragedy.

Because it keeps the power and control of what information is revealed and how in the hands of the Establishment and not in the hands of victims and families.

Ms Khan said that an inquest will allow the families to have their own legal representation, question witnesses, bring their own witnesses and the coroner remains independent of the government – whereas in…

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