#Grenfell firefighter-eye view conveys scale and shock


A remarkable video has emerged showing footage from one of the London Fire Brigade engines en route to Grenfell Tower last week. Although the fire is shown only from a distance, the shocked reaction and comments of the firefighters portrays clearly the unprecedented scale of the disaster – and makes their bravery in running into the blaze even more incredible.

The footage was uploaded to Facebook by Gwynfor Hood, but the identity of the person who shot it is unknown:

These are the people whose pay has been frozen, whose numbers have been cut, whose pensions have been cut and priced up, who have been disrespected by the government that praises them when it’s convenient, then sees them as a drain on the public purse as soon as public attention drifts.

And still they ran in. A government that treats them as it does is not fit to govern.


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