Dear Ms Leadsom.


My patriotism does not employ French and American firms to harass the sick and disabled. To support a regime that has driven hundreds to suicide.
My patriotism does not argue whether someone should lead and party or country based on whether she has had children.
My patriotism does not sell off the NHS’s blood plasma service to American vulture capitalists who then sell it on to the Chinese.
My patriotism does not sell state assets to firms owned by foreign governments whilst saying the state can’t run anything.
My patriotism does claim to fight for British interests whilst maintaining a poor voting record in the EU parliament.
My patriotism does not sell weapons to Wahhabist Islamo-Fascists and then use their deviant offspring’s acts of terror to revoke Human Rights.
My patriotism does not create lies about 45 minutes from mass destruction to invade a country; slaughter its civilians; and leave…

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