A List Of Reasons The DWP Stopped Paying My Benefits

Same Difference

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  • I missed an appointment. When I challenged this, it turned out the appointment had been 3 years ago, and I’d attended.
  • They asked me to provide a timetable of my (part-time) studies. When I did they asked me for a ‘learning agreement’, which my uni does not have. My tutor personally wrote a letter explaining the course, and how much time it took up in my life. They then said they couldn’t comment on the letter for two weeks. 
    When the two weeks were up, they said they needed the letter stamped by the uni. But wouldn’t give me the original copy back. For another two weeks they ‘couldn’t comment’ on whether the new letter was suitable. Two weeks later, they said it wasn’t. 
    They asked for a form (number Erieajflksjdlkajfla or whatever). No one at the job centre knew what this form was. I spent an entire…

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