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With many thanks to campaigner Gail Ward.

Did you know…
Always check with the assessment company (Maximus, Atos or Capita) if they’ve consulted any Healthcare Professionals (HCP’s) in relation to your claim/assessment. If they say they’ve phoned any HCP’s ask who they contacted and when then double check this with the professional concerned.
Where possible, explain to any HCP who you mention in your claim form that they need to tell you if the DWP or associated agencies contact them.
I did this recently and the Healthcare Professional had no recollection of any phone contact with the DWP or related businesses in relation to a claim or assessment for PIP. This raises doubts about whether or not the HCP was actually contacted.
If they say they have contacted a HCP in relation to your claim/assessment ask for written confirmation before proceeding. If they refuse to confirm this…

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