Tory press finally admits: we want you uneducated so you’ll vote Tory


stupid.pngThere was a remarkable admission in Saturday’s Telegraph. One that many of us have intuited for a long time but never expected to see simply admitted by those behind the constant attempts to deceive people into supporting a Tory party that robs them:

Being unintelligent and uneducated helps you vote Conservative.

That wasn’t quite the phrasing used in the headline, but it was as near as makes no difference:

torygraph thick.pngThere you have it: education makes you move left and reject the idiocy of voting for a party that has only the interests of its insiders at heart.

Mind you, the article, much of which sits behind a paywall that no sensible person would consider putting money into, seems pretty dim itself. It repeats a lie that has been so thoroughly debunked this week that even the least-educated hustler would be embarrassed to re-use – the idea that Corbyn made any…

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