Disabled People Trapped At Home With No Wheelchairs

Same Difference

Wheelchairs are the legs of those who can’t walk. They should be free!

Barely a week after London proudly hosted disabled athletes from around the world, it’s emerged that our own government is failing to provide its disabled citizens with something as basic as a wheelchair.

A BuzzFeed News investigation into wheelchair provision on the NHS this week found almost a quarter of people referred by GPs to wheelchair services are not being given any equipment at all. It also uncovered an extreme “postcode lottery”: in some parts of the UK, disabled people are provided with the right chair, but in others, three-quarters of those referred are offered nothing by wheelchair services. On top of this, it confirmed there are huge delays in disabled people getting help: 96% of areas are missing their target to supply all wheelchairs within the 18 weeks guaranteed by the NHS constitution. That’s paraplegics…

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