Many Politicians Lie. But Trump Has Elevated the Art of Fabrication.

The Secular Jurist

Fabrications have long been a part of American politics. Politicians lie to puff themselves up, to burnish their résumés and to cover up misdeeds, including sexual affairs. (See: Bill Clinton.) Sometimes they cite false information for what they believe are justifiable policy reasons. (See: Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam.)

But President Trump, historians and consultants in both political parties agree, appears to have taken what the writer Hannah Arendt once called “the conflict between truth and politics” to an entirely new level.

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Commentary by The Secular Jurist:  For those who stubbornly insist that neither the phenomenon of Donald Trump nor countless other disturbing trends represent a worrisome systemic decline of civil society, consider the following (from the article):

In part, this represents yet another way that Mr. Trump is operating on his own terms, but it also…

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